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The Beirut Water Taxi is the brainchild idea of Dr. Khaled A. Taki based on the need to solve the traffic congestion on the Lebanon coastal highways through the use of a Franchise system backed by a program of Small and medium enterprises all within the piers which will serve as shopping malls for the commuters. This project is contingent on the Government of Lebanon granting a license for the proposed company to transport passengers  by sea.

The Beirut Water Taxi will be owned and operated by a new private company proposed name being Lebanon Water Transportation Alternatives, sal (LWTA) which will comprise a group of business entities, such as the Beirut Water Taxi, and it will specialize in marine transportation and related maritime industries.

A press Conference was held on Tuesday, January 19th, 2010, at Gefinor Rotana, Ras Beirut, at 2:00 p.m.

The following is the Beirut Water Taxi Project  Press Release  Date: 19th January 2010

“ The Head of Franchise Business Consultants Office FBC, and Franchise Training Institute FTI, Dr. Khaled A.Taki announces a project as a partial solution to the traffic crisis in Lebanon, through the establishment of a Lebanese Company known as LWTA s.a.l. to transport passengers by sea, and the company is to be funded by the private sector through a franchise system and SME's small and medium enterprises scheme.

Background: One of the priorities of the Government of Lebanon in the ministerial statement is to solve the traffic problems in Lebanon, particularly the morning and evening traffic jam at the “entrance and exit to and from the capital city of Beirut”. Today, there is no possibility to build or enlarge new highways, or build subway tunnels, and the proposal of single and dual car plates to enter the capital is not practical.

“We do not have a complete solution, because the complete solution requires a comprehensive plan done by the State. But this proposal is a partial one, already implemented in other countries and proved successful, experience and been successful precisely because it depends on maritime transport by specialized ships for this purpose and according to the highest safety and best specifications.”

To achieve this, we need the moral and legislative support from the Government branches and not its financing, we need legislative decrees and licenses for maritime transport and to provide public places in the Lebanese ports which can be granted a lease for 20 years to build the fully equipped Piers, which include commercial shops, restaurants and others. The proposal is to be funded by the private sector and using the “Franchising" and the establishment of SME's small and medium enterprises.

Implementation and benefits: This is a fast and realistic partial solution that can be implemented, and it is possible to start top transport the first passengers one year or less after the government license has been issued, selection of the piers location, survey of the sea bed and boundaries of the sea highway, the project will generate a large financial return to the government treasury. It will also provide employment opportunities through the pier stations and the shopping facilities, and will assist the growth of the tourist sector across all the coastal cities of Lebanon, starting from Tyre, Sidon, Beirut, Jounieh, Jbeil, Tripoli and the maintenance garage in the port of Jieh.

The idea and study: The idea began in 2008 and worked on it during 2009 , because we were determined that it be presented to all three branches of government , The President , The  Head of Parliament and the Prime Minister, and this happened and we sincerely hope that it will be adopted as one of the priorities for the year 2010.
We continue to work on all aspects of the project awaiting the opportunity to discuss it with the authorities and the response of both the financial institutions, investors and the people of Lebanon, because time is against us and the condition of the daily commuters to and from Beirut is bad, their nerves are deteriorating, the cost of petrol i9s increasing , the parking spaces are decreasing in Beirut, in addition to the waste of time in terms of human resources, and even the tourists are begging to stay away from Beirut and Lebanon due to the traffic congestion problem. The danger alarm has been sounded and waiting for the government to finance any solution is not logical, and the national financial budget does not allow for that, and also financing by one institution or investor is not possible as the solution is costly and risky.
Therefore we proposed the project Solution with three major roles being played , the first being the role of the government providing the permits and leasing the lands at the public harbors, second the establishments of the Lebanese Water Transportation company to own and operate the vessels and service and be the  Franchisor and the third role to the small and medium enterprise companies, the medium company to build and operate the pier station and become the Franchisee, and the small company or new companies to open and establish the businesses at the pier stations, being financed by government and private organizations such as “Kafalat”.
The proposed solution is based on the cooperation of all those involved depending on each other because it is a national project which covers all Lebanon, and it needs the cooperation of all for parties mentioned, to provide the fastest, the best, and most comfortable transport system between Beirut and the coastal cities of Lebanon .  In addition to providing the best comfortable and facilities to all passengers who chose to use this method of transportation and to enhance and improve the tourist experience using this Lebanese water transport method.
We continue to develop this project in all its phases as consultants and not as owners of the project , although we began the intellectual property which remains ours, and you may be able to get further information by visiting the we project website

Yours sincerely
Dr. Khaled A. Taki

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